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Selective Tools

W e know that all organizations require dynamic and productive employees. The complicated challenge of finding senior level executives is best met with the support of a recruitment firm with a proven track record of success. Nothing is more important in the selection process than ensuring fit. The selective tools that Forte uses will unlock great talent that will “fit” and create an impact to the organization. Our integrated selective tools ensure that great talents are integrated quickly and successfully into your company. Please click on the selective tools below for more information.


More than 80% of the candidates we present to the clients are invited for a second interview.

Most executive consulting firms share a similar approach to their businesses. We are different. We have the skills to match a talent with the right opportunity by ensuring a successful fit for your organization in all aspects (competencies, cultural and team integration). We need to balance our instinct with our thorough assessment methodology such as in-depth interviews, one on one consultation, and role-play using real case studies. As a result, more than 80% of the candidates we present to the clients are invited for a second interview.


Connecting the right people to the right jobs sets a benchmark for excellence within the recruitment industry. We understand that doing this requires more than just gut feelings. Thanks to our experienced and well-connected consultants and researchers, we are able to access hard to reach candidates and active and passive candidates, including senior level expatriates to broaden our talent pool. There are many cases where candidates who are not actively looking for a job, when presented with the right opportunity proved to be an asset to the client’s organization.


Getting the right fit isn’t easy. If the candidate doesn’t fit, your organization will pay a high price. We have a fast, effective and accurate way to unlock a candidate’s competencies by using a multiple assessment process. Our competencies assessment includes:

  • Job Analysis to determine the competencies required for the successful performance of each position.
  • This step includes extensive data gathering (one on one interviews) to ensure the candidate’s fit for the job.
  • Identify and measure specific behavioral skills (attitude, skills, personality, competencies, knowledge, etc.)
  • Create job stimulations – observations and evaluations conducted by our trained consultants.

Our trained consultants and clients will jointly analyze the input from the assessment process to identify candidate’s skill gap, set organizational benchmarks and determine employee competencies for measurable bottom line results.


Once qualified, candidates will be presented to our client. We present our clients only candidates who fit the job position – hence not wasting your valuable time and money. Successful placements will create a strong impact for your organization. Success is reflected through employee engagement, sustained job performance, employee retention and low turnover.